Give My Regards: Jordan Poitras, Pt. 1

“Give my regards…” An utterance of appreciation. A grand gesture. A thank-you very much. CruxCrusader is pleased to début a new series paying respect to the music, movies, books and art that have shaped our writers. Each contributor was asked to pick six within a class of their choice, to be released over in time. After … Continue reading

Review: The Social Network (2010)

Jeff Parker talks seeing Oscar in The Social Network, Fincher fanfare and casting off his ratings system.

Give My Regards: Kellen Barrett, Pt. 1

(Part One of Three) Kellen Barrett waxes poetic on two albums that changed his life.

Movie Memories: Jeff Parker, Retrospectively Speaking.

Summer has officially ended at the box office. Oh, but what a summer it was. Fine, it was only OK. May brought us the decent — for a sequel — Iron Man 2. June had us all falling back in love with Woody and the gang — some people even cried (not naming names). Then … Continue reading

Review: The Expendables (2010)

Early in The Expendables — Sly Stallone’s latest directorial foray — Mickey Rourke breaks from tattooing a skull on Stallone’s back to enjoy a few puffs from a pipe in his own personal tattoo parlor/bar/motorcycle garage/pool hall. This pretty much says everything you need to know about the film: that it squirts endless machismo from its … Continue reading

Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of the only movies I  was anticipating this summer. That’s not to say I wasn’t aware of what was coming out; rather, that this has honestly been one of the worst years for big-budget films in as long as I can remember. I joined the other fan boys … Continue reading

G.O.O.D. Days Ahead

Kanye West and Perajok, a long time friend of West’s, dropped the Good Ass Mixtape today in light of up-and-coming albums from many of his G.O.O.D. Music label affiliates. Not to mention, his own album, which is presently untitled (although West joked recently that it would be titled African Child, after a Get Him to the … Continue reading

Review: Dinner for Schmucks (2010)

We’ve all discussed it at one point or another: it sucks when a movie has nothing funny to offer past the moments they give away in the trailer. What’s worse, some trailers aren’t even that funny. This was the case with Jay Roach’s 2010 buddy comedy Dinner for Schmucks; from a lackluster preview, I expected the … Continue reading

John Legend & The Roots’ ‘Hard Times’

The following video does not require much explanation. The Roots — one of the last hip-hop conglomerates with a hand close to Native Tongue, soul and funk pulses. John Legend — one of the most charismatic male vocalists of the 21st century. With every preview offered, the September 21st release date of their collaborative outing, … Continue reading

The Medium Is The Message: Art & Music

Feature contribution from Jasmin Charters Music and art have had a solid, long-standing relationship since 1938, when at the tender age of 23, Alex Steinweiss — the so-called ‘Creator of the Album Cover’ — decided record sales might skyrocket if one ousted brown paper covers in exchange for intriguing visuals. Well, he was right. Artists … Continue reading