The Medium Is The Message: Art & Music

Feature contribution from Jasmin Charters Music and art have had a solid, long-standing relationship since 1938, when at the tender age of 23, Alex Steinweiss — the so-called ‘Creator of the Album Cover’ — decided record sales might skyrocket if one ousted brown paper covers in exchange for intriguing visuals. Well, he was right. Artists … Continue reading

Olly Moss + Rolling Roadshow Tour

Have you ever looked at a movie poster and wondered, who makes these? Why is the artist’s name never in plain sight? All arguments about the artistic merit of promotional posters aside, in many modern marketing missions, little cap-space is allotted to create a one-of-a-kind art piece. It’s just a fact of mass-production. Hard-copy promotional … Continue reading

National Treasures

My fellow Canadians (sorry everybody else), do you remember the first time you heard Stompin’ Tom Connors? I was 4 or 5, sitting at my Grampy’s kitchen table helping him roll cigarettes. A small AM/FM stereo sat in the corner of the kitchen, beside the breadbox and above the drawer that held my uncle’s pellet-gun … Continue reading