Woman Is Still A Danger-Cat: FUBAR II!

I have American friends. Sometimes they make outrageous comments — like thinking that Canadian beer joins the Canadian dollar below parity. For the most part — as I’m sure George Cockburn also informed his troops in 1814 before burning Washington to the ground — they just don’t understand how we operate on this side of the 49th parallel. After all, they’re a different breed.

But then again, so am I. I’m from Nova Scotia. I know people who call in sick to work to play in ball-hockey tournaments, prizing giant tin-foil replicas of the Stanley Cup. I know people who swear that chewing tobacco remedies the common cold. I know people who know people who know someone who stabbed someone else with a homemade knife over a Pro-Line ticket. I know a guy whose claim-to-fame was smoking weed for the first time with Sidney Crosby outside of a Dairy Queen when they were 13 years old. My sister’s friend’s cousin created the Trailer Park Boys. When we ran out of liquor at my prom party, we walked 15-minutes up the road to the local bootlegger’s trailer; he sold us a quart/40 of homemade Whiskey for $15. But that’s beside the point.

The point is that I have an inherent soft-spot for the mockumentary, FUBAR. It is also probably why I’ve always felt so compelled to screen it for my American friends. And, gullibility permitting, convince them that it is, in fact, how most people in Alberta — and Canada in general — actually live.

FUBAR was first released in 2002. The brainchild of writers Michael Dowse, David Lawrence and Paul Spence (who also star as protagonists Terry and Dean, respectively), the film follows two skids surviving the Canadian dream. That is, collecting domestic beer cans, vandalizing the Calgary sprawl, DIY renovation and the lofty ideals of a van-side mural that depicts a woman with large breastesses holding a giant laser gun. But trouble ensues; Deaner discovers he has testicular cancer, encounters pressure from skid-girlfriend Trixie, sits around nursing his ‘giant-fucking-nut’ and loses all of his body hair — except for his mustache. Terry copes and supports, waxes poetic and takes Dean camping.

Indeed, the premise sounds very, very dark… until you actually watch it. It is far and away one of the most hilarious and original indie films ever made.

This afternoon, it came to my attention that there will be a sequel.

On September 9, FUBAR II will première at the Toronto International Film Festival. Nearly a month later (October 1), it will open in theatres across Canada. As an official trailer of any kind is yet to surface, one can only speculate on what delights the sequel will hold. This much we know: the quest for life’s secret continues as the dynamic-duo find employment on the Alberta oil fields. All vagueness aside, Terry and Tron (sporting a beard that would make Merlin proud — in myth or ‘history’) did have this to say about ‘partying’ in a recent clip released on YouTube to build anticipation:


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